Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta with Goat Cheese

These are good. If you haven't tried goat cheese, you should, it's very creamy and delicious.

Ready In: 15 mins

Yields: 12 appetizers




  1. Preheat broiler.
  2. Slice your bread, if you have not done so already; place them on a baking sheet which you have lined with aluminum foil (just in case something falls off and tries to burn).
  3. Place the bread under the broiler and toast until light golden; remove.
  4. Turn the bread over, place the bread under the broiler and toast just until the bread firms slightly but not golden yet; remove.
  5. Brush the lighter side with olive oil (you may decline this if you are using tomatoes packed in oil, but it's your choice).
  6. On top of that lay out some basil leaves to cover the top of the bread.
  7. Mince the sun-dried tomatoes and sprinkle on top of the basil; I use regular dried on mine that are still pliant like raisins; if yours are hard you may need to have soaked them in warm water in advance and squeezed dry then mince; but you can do that now, no biggie.
  8. On top of the tomatoes sprinkle a generous amount of goat cheese and tap down so it doesn't fall off.
  9. If you like you can add a pinch of sea salt but I didn't.
  10. Place the bruschettas under the broiler and toast just until the cheese starts to soften and the edges get nice and brown; serve.
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