Winos Rejoice! Hangover-Free Wine May Soon Be a Reality

Scientists at the University of Illinois may have discovered a way to make a red wine with boosted health benefits and a lower chance of hangover.

Love a good glass of wine (or two…or three…) but hate the hangover that comes after a night of one-too-many bottles of Merlot? Have we got some news for you!

New research recently published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology shows that the mad scientists at the University of Illinois may have found a solution to our vino woes.

The key to this potential hangover-free magic is the yeast, which, given a little tweaking of the wine’s genomes and some science-y stuff we don’t quite understand, could increase the health benefits of a glass of red and eliminate some of the day-after consequences. Buh-bye hangovers!

By potentially increasing a wine’s level of resveratrol, a.k.a. the compound responsible for all of the awesome antioxidant benefits, this new magic wine could have up to 10x the health boost as a regular ol’ glass of red. This same scientific technique could also be applied to all other fermented foods including cheese, pickled vegetables and beer. But we always prefer wine.

And in case you need another excuse to break out a bottle, here are 11 wine cocktails we think you’ll love—just watch out for those hangovers.

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