Have Your Cup and Eat It Too: KFC’s New Edible Mug

Eating cookies for breakfast might soon be socially acceptable when KFC restaurants in the UK introduce a new, limited-edition edible coffee cup that lets you have your cup of joe and eat it too.

The cup, which is being rolled out in celebration of the chain’s 50th anniversary, looks like a typical Seattle’s Best coffee cup, but is actually a dessert in disguise.

Being called the “Scoff-ee,” the cup is actually made out of cookie, wrapped in edible sugar paper and lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate that keeps the cookie crisp while filled with the hot beverage.

While you drink, the white chocolate will slowly melt and add a little sweetness to the coffee, and when empty, the cookie acts as the dessert. (And who doesn’t love dessert first thing in the morning?)

If you didn’t already find edible cups a little odd, the KFC concoctions will also be infused with mood-enhancing scents, including wild flowers, coconut sun cream, and freshly cut grass. Naturally.

The Scoff-ee cups will be released in the UK later this year, but if you’re clamoring to get your hands on your own edible mug state-side, there’s a chocolate-dipped waffle option available at a coffee shop in Los Angeles, though you’ll have to find your grass scent elsewhere.

Craving coffee now? Try these 15 Easy Coffee Drinks—no cookie cup required.

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