LaCroix Bathing Suits Are Breezy Summer Dreams of Seltzer

You can now embody your favorite flavor.

By Ethan L. Johns
May 14, 2018

Among the pink walls, monstera leaves and cacti, there is a can from Wisconsin that represents the aesthetic of a moment. And since it’s not enough to simply keep that aesthetic on your desk at work or in the refrigerator, you’ll soon be able to wear it.

Los Angeles-based online clothing retailer Public Space has released a line of women's and men's bathing suits featuring the now-iconic graphics of the LaCroix seltzer can. Flavor seekers can choose between Nantucket reds and other quasi-camouflaged pastel colors for the ultimate statement of preference.

Both the swim trunks and the one-piece suits are available in the LaCroix can designs for pamplemousse, lime, passionfruit, cran-raspberry, lemon and plain old pure. The shorts are available for $39.50, while the one-pieces can be had for $49.50.

Self-admittedly inspired by early 2010’s vaporwave (stylization: “v a p o r w a v e”), the poolside offering from Public Space fits right in with the breezily flamboyant nature of our contemporary Instagram-filtered reality, which can seem inspired, at times, by a washed out Polaroid of ‘90s California. We can hear the bitcrushed electronica and warbled synths now. Yet instead of Slice or Jolt Cola, these sodas ain’t got no sugar.

Each suit is reportedly made to order, and requires one to two weeks of production time before shipment. So if you’re thinking about having a millennial-friendly Memorial Day weekend with some t r a n s i e n t vibes, make sure you order your suit tout de suite.

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Ethan is the Food News Writer at Genius Kitchen. An expert on the Parisian bistrot, he likes bitters and salted butters, and is no fan of dessert unless it's made with fruit. His hobbies include reading up on the history of borscht and attempting to roll perfect couscous by hand. Twits & Instagram @EthanLJohns