Our 30 All-Time Favorite Kitchen Tools

Pans and pots and molds, oh my!

By Team Genius Kitchen
June 11, 2018

We'll admit it — here at Genius Kitchen, our cupboards are stuffed full of the coolest kitchen gadgets and gizmos we can find. From skull pans to cannoli molds, here's where you can find all of our faves. 

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Skull Pan

Spooky and suprisingly simple, these faces are filled with tomato sauce and cheese. This pan is all you need to make our epic pizza skulls.

Buy Now: Skull Pan, $31.06

Rose Bundt Pan

No tricky sculpting or carving necessary. Our rose bundt cake gets its festive shape from a rose pan. 

Buy Now: Rose Bundt Pan, $20.63

Crown Mold

A decorative silicone mold makes it easy to remove this boozy crown Jello mold.

Buy Now: Crown Mold, $8.99

Springform Pan

A springform pan is so versatile in the kitchen, perfect for cakes and even to support the crust of our royal crown pie.

Buy Now: Springform Pan, $12.57

Emoji Cat Head Cookie Cutters

We made adorable emoji cat cookies using an easy cookie cutter. No need to fuss with a knife or a template with this great tool.

Buy Now: Emoji Cat Head Cookie Cutters, $4.25

Instant Pot

We use the Instant Pot three ways, but as perhaps the most versatile tool, it can make tender meat and fluffy pancakes with minimal effort.

Buy Now: Instant Pot, $99.95

Kitchen Torch

A kitchen torch gives s'mores and crème brûlée a toasty crust. Try it to make a banana s'mores sundaecreme brulee sheet cakechampagne creme brulee and s'mores cream pie.

Buy Now: Kitchen Torch, $15.98

Donut Pan

Baking ingredients in a donut pan is the simpler alternative to frying. Use this pan for recipes like donuts three waysstuffing donutsgalactic chocolate donutsmac and cheese donuts and candied flower donuts.

Buy Now: Donut Pan, $13.50

Ice Cube Molds

Concept: use ice cube molds to freeze more than water to mix up your drink routine. Use them for coconut cold brew ice cubes and color-changing witch's brew.

Buy Now: Ice Cube Molds, $10

Bundt Pan

Bundt pans bake cakes and breads evenly, giving you a killer result every time. Check out our stromboli ring, taco ring, mac & cheese ringtunnel of fudge banana cake and the buffalo chicken monkey bread for some sweet and savory bundt treats.

Buy Now: Bundt Pan, $11.99


This powerful kitchen gadget gives you caramel iced coffee and frozen unicorn hot chocolate in seconds. Just add your ingredients and watch it whirl. 

Buy Now: Blender, $449.95

Popsicle molds

So simple to make and freeze, we made cold brew mochafrozen s'mores and watermelon popsicles with popsicle molds, the best accessory for a summer day.

Buy Now: Popsicle Molds, $10.49

Food Processor

Fine and fast chopping has never been easier with a food processor. Try it to make healthy cauliflower tots or creative apple pie with cheddar crust.

Buy Now: Food Processor, $36.85

Cast Iron Skillet

Cook and serve Irish bread pudding in the same cast iron skillet, for easy cooking and less cleanup.

Buy Now: Iron Skillet, $14.88

Cake Turntable

Create even frosting between layers and on the outside of your s'mores drip cake using a turntable.

Buy Now: Cake Turntable, $27.99

Waffle Iron

Calling all breakfast fans: You need a waffle iron. A nonstick surface gives you well shaped red velvet waffles every time.

Buy Now: Waffle Iron, $26.95

Immersion Blender

The trick to a white chocolate mirror cake is a smooth glaze, and with an immersion blender the recipe is #flawless. 

Buy Now: Immersion Blender, $29.99

Cannoli Molds

Cannoli molds help hold the shape of the dough while frying chocolate eggnog cannoli, giving you crisp and perfectly shaped shells.

Buy Now: Cannoli Molds, $8.92

Gingerbread Man Pan

Serve the cutest giant gingerbread man calzone using this pan and fill with your favorite toppings.

Buy Now: Gingerbread Man Pan, $19.99

Pumpkin Pan

The only thing better than carving a real pumpkin is carving into these realistic pumpkin cookie butter cakes baked in individual servings.

Buy Now: Pumpkin Pan, $17.93

Loaf Pan

A creative spin on an annual necessity, birthday cake babka bakes best in a loaf pan so it can hold its shape.

Buy Now: Loaf Pan, $9.07


Step aside, zoodles. Try using a spiralizer to cut potatoes into carbonara curly fries.

Buy Now: Spiralizer, $31.99

Sushi Mat

Sushi rice can be sticky, but with the right mat, it's so easy to roll a sushi burrito.

Buy Now: Sushi Mat, $4.99

House Cookie Cutters

Our peppermint hot chocolate recipe is decorated with sugar cookie houses. With these cutters, all you have to do is cut, bake and ice to make some next-level cookies.

Buy Now: House Cookie Cutters, $9.45

Gingerbread Man Silicone Mold

The silicone mold not only gives these gingerbread whoopie pies the most adorable shape, it also makes them easy to remove.

Buy Now: Gingerbread Man Silicone Mold, $10.86

Mini Muffin Tray

Mix up your cookie routine by making milk and cookie cups in a muffin tray. 

Buy Now: Mini Muffin Tray, $11.53

Castle Cookie Cutters

Add a little fantasy to your next dessert with castle shaped cookie cutters. And remember: you can use them for more than just cookies! We use these detailed tools to shape our swirled marshmallow castles.

Buy Now: Castle Cookie Cutters, $8.60

French Press

Make coffee without an expensive and complicated machine using a french press. Try out this recipe for Thai iced coffee for your next caffeine fix.

Buy Now: French Press, $25.56


Red velvet lava cakes are simple and impressive, and with these ramekins, they're also a piece of cake to serve individually. 

Buy Now: Ramekins, set of 6, $12.95

Fondue Set

Keep your retro boozy chocolate fondue warm with this serving set, and dunk away.

Buy Now: Fondue Set, $28.90

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