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10 Heck-Yeah-Freedom Cocktails for July 4th

Take your imbibing beyond beer this Independence Day.

The Founding Fathers didn’t risk their lives fighting for freedom just so you could celebrate their victory with stale light beer, ya’ dingus!
Want to make them proud and put that repressed, all-American ingenuity to use? Grab a hammer and some nails, put them in a conspicuous place so your guests know you’re the boss, then put them back where you found them because you’re not building a shed; you’re building cocktails. Cold, refreshing cocktails that will literally-not-literally wipe the sweat off your brow as you stand in front of that hot grill, flipping burgers and chimichurri-marinated flank steaks.
What’s that? You want a seltzer and a veggie burger? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my raging freedom.

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America is so great and so free that the Italians decided to name a drink after it… or maybe it had something to do with the Italian word amaro, which means “bitter.” Either way, this cocktail is low in alcohol and is easy to throw together, so you can liberate yourself from the bar and get back to your game of horseshoes.  Get the Recipe >>>


Fish House Punch

No drink is more appropriate for an Independence Day bash than the one that supposedly sent George Washington on a three-day bender back in 1787. If it was good enough for our first Commander-In-Chief, you better believe that it’s good enough for you. Drink freedom responsibly.  Get the Recipe >>>


So you want to jazz up your cerveza with a little extra lime juice and a dash of hot sauce. More power to ya’. This is America after all, and America is a free country.  Get the Recipe >>>

French 75

If France hadn’t come along and lent a hand to the Continental army in the 1770s, you, my comrade, might still be eating “chips” and speaking the King’s English. Pour one of these bubbly beverages and raise a glass to our oldest ally.  Get the Recipe >>>


Moscow Mule

This is the cocktail that took vodka from the communists, mixed it with ginger beer and presented it to America in a shiny copper cup. Democratic triumph never tasted so good.  Get the Recipe >>>

Mint Julep

Derby Day might have passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this quintessential Kentucky cocktail all summer long. No obnoxious hats necessary.  Get the Recipe >>>


The mint has taken over your garden and flower pots. Are you going to stand for that? Are you going to let that mint tread on you? Hoist your Gadsden flag, bust out the shears and throw that mint where it belongs: in a glass with sugar, rum, sparkling water and plenty of ice.  Get the Recipe >>>


Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre means “A Free Cuba,” and now that American-Cuban relations have finally softened, you’ll soon be able to puff on a Cohiba from the comfort of American-owned beachfront resorts. Now that’s what I call transnational corporate freedom! Propose a symbolic toast with a cocktail of American cola and Cuban rum.  Get the Recipe >>>

Tequila Punch

Cue the saxophone and mambo beat and get those knees dancing with a citrus-rich punch. Your Independence Day bash just became a real fiesta. Tequila!  Get the Recipe >>>

Patriot Shooter

Not looking for a long, cool sipper? You have every right. Serve up a round of these shooters and feel the red, white and blue patriotism flow through your veins.  Get the Recipe >>>

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