53 All-Time Dinner Favorites

We've rounded up our most-popular main dishes, sides and salads - here's what you want to eat for dinner right now.

The Best Easy Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry

"Wow, an easy dish with excellent flavor and no packaged spice/sauce mix loaded with MSG."


Easy Stovetop Macaroni 'n' Cheese

"This was excellent, exactly what you want mac and cheese to be: decadent and saucy."


The Ultimate Greek Salad

"The dressing was absolutely heavenly. Make sure to use red wine vinegar — don't substitute!"


Perfect Southern Fried Chicken

"This is an outstanding recipe. When I found this I decided I didn't need to look for the perfect fried chicken recipe any more—I already had it."


Mexican Rice

"I have never in my born days had such tempting, tantalizing and tremendous tasting rice! You MUST wash the rice. It absolutely does make a difference."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

The Best Easy Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry

"Wow, an easy dish with excellent flavor and no packaged spice/sauce mix loaded with MSG."


Jo Mama's World Famous Spaghetti

"I won't be buying the bottled sauce anymore! The sauce is nice and thick, and I like the sausage in the sauce."


Baked Salmon

"Second time making this recipe for my boyfriend and I. We both love it!"

-Jaquai R.

Flat Iron Steak with Parmesan Sauce

"This is a super tasty steak dinner! Throw some shrimp in with the onion mixture for a surf and turf meal."


Stove Top Tuna Casserole

"This is super quick and easy to make. It is just perfect for those nights when you need to prepare dinner quickly."

-Lavender Lynn

Sweet & Sour Chicken

"This is pretty darn good. I've made it twice and I'll make it again!"


Skillet Tarragon Chicken

"This chicken is so good! I took one bite and was in heaven."


Lemon Baked Cod

"This was outstanding — really moist and tender. I used breadcrumbs instead of the flour, and it came out perfect."


Tabbouleh Salad (Parsley Salad)

"Can you say scrumptious? This is even better than the one I had at a restaurant. It's absolutely fantastic, light and refreshing."

-Ann Cecile

Cheese, Potato & Sausage Casserole

"Great recipe! My family absolutely loved it. The Velveeta cheese made this dish a hit."


General Tso's Chicken

"Wow! This is just like at a Chinese restaurant, especially the crunchiness of the chicken. The cornstarch slurry is a trip. Is it a solid? A liquid? I dunno, but it works somehow!"


Chicken Tikka Masala

"Yum! I am a chicken tikka masala snob, and this was delicious. I've been trying to re-create this dish at home for years, and this is the best!"


Oven-baked Parmesan Chicken Strips

"This recipe is simple to make and the chicken tastes great. It has just enough seasoning and cheese."


Hamburger Stroganoff

"This stroganoff is quick, easy and tasty. It's great for a busy weeknight."


Simple Baked Chicken Drumsticks

"It's so simple, yet so delicious! I topped it off with a squeeze of lemon before serving. I couldn't get enough, and ate everything straight to the bone."

-Chef #1800657884

Chicken-Macaroni Casserole

"Perfect comfort food! I added peas and used a rotisserie chicken to make it even easier and couldn't have loved it more!"


Oven-Roasted Greek Potatoes

"This is foolproof! For an easy meal, toss in chicken breasts or lean pork chops and bake dinner in one pan."

-Chef #483307

The Very Best Salisbury Steak

"When I added the French onion soup to the ground beef, I knew it would be a winner. If you plan to serve this with mashed potatoes, double or even triple the gravy!"

-Christmas Carol

Creamy Burrito Casserole

"This casserole is great! It was easy to put together, and I used low-fat versions of the ingredients."


Easy Oven-Baked Cod

"This was such an easy, great recipe! I loved the lemon zest in the breadcrumb mixture."

-Maven in the Making

Classic Potato Salad

"A classic potato salad! There was a moment when I felt young again, back at my parents' house laughing the summer evening away. I love the way a good meal can do that!"


Fantastic Taco Casserole

"We love tacos, but our 3-year-old gets frustrated because they are hard for him to eat. This is the perfect solution!"

-Peppermint Wind

Broil a Perfect Steak

"I was happy to have this recipe during the winter when we couldn't use our grill. The steaks got a great sear on the outside, but they stayed nice and pink on the inside."

-Baby Duck

Perfect Rump Roast

"Wow, I will never make a rump roast another way. This is incredible! So juicy and flavorful."

-Chef #431830

Pulled Pork BBQ

"The only problem with this recipe is waiting the 6 hours with the scrumptious smell permeating the house."


Asian Noodle Bowl

"The flavors of the pasta with the veggies and creamy Asian sauce go so well together. This makes for a delightful meal."


Crusty French Bread

"So good! I've been making bread for years now, and this is the quickest, best-tasting bread you will find."


Angel Chicken Pasta

"I served this with a glass of Chardonnay and it was a big hit. It's very easy to make and very flavorful."


Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili

"An amazing recipe. I don't know what makes it so good, but yum! We keep the makings for this recipe in our house at all times for cold, snowy days — it's our go-to comfort food recipe!"


Chicken Alfredo

"Wow. The whole family gobbled this chicken Alfredo down so fast. We will definitely have this over and over again"


Copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

"This is the real thing! The secret to being light and fluffy? Don't overmix!"


Bourbon Chicken

"OMG! I have died and gone to heaven. The chicken was tender, juicy and delicious."

-The Boopster

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

"Delicious! My Mexican-food-loving hubby gobbled these up! The sauce is wonderful, and I seasoned the chicken with a bit of taco seasoning."


Crock Pot Chicken á La Antoinette

"This was the firstslow-cooker dish I've ever made and it was absolutely delicious."


Ground Beef Stuffed Green Bell Peppers

"These are the best stuffed peppers I have ever had. This is the only recipe I use!"


Curry Chicken

"I love how simple this recipe is. If I don't have a lot of time, I pop this in the oven for a delicious dinner."

-Mama Wendy


"This is my favorite meatloaf recipe. It's moist and bakes with a delicious crust."

-Archie's Little Cookie

Thin Pizza Crust

"Oh my goodness — if I could give this recipe 20 million stars, I would."

-Nika The Mad Baker

King Ranch Chicken

"Holy cow, this recipe was so good I had to make it two nights in a row!"


Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole

"This recipe was amazing. Even the kids loved it and went back for more."


Balsamic Chicken Thighs

"This recipe is phenomenal. The sauce is delicious, and incredibly easy to make."


Amish Chicken

"This chicken is so juicy and flavorful and it browns perfectly. Plus the sauce is thick and creamy."


Beef Nacho Crescent Bake

"These crescents are wonderful. They are so cute and easy to make."


Italian Sausage Dog

"The full-bodied flavor of the sauce is great with the sausage, then topped with all that melted cheese. This is a spicy treat."


Lemon Pepper Chicken Breasts

"This was the most flavorful chicken I have ever tasted. I won't make lemon pepper chicken any other way."


Sesame Crusted Tuna Steaks

"This was my first try at cooking tuna steak at home and I loved this recipe. It was so easy and tasty."


Frank and Potato Bake

"Everything about this recipe is absolutely perfect. It is so simple and has fantastic flavor."


Teriyaki Pork Chops

"These pork chops are so tasty. I love the addition of the orange juice."


Garlic and Oregano Stove Top Chicken

"I love the flavors from the butter-herb mixture. Everything is so moist, tender and loaded with flavor."