Best Lasagna Recipes

From the rich sauce to the molten cheese, it's hard to find a dinner that beats a comforting Lasagna. We've compiled some of our all-time winners so that you can enjoy this family favorite in 20 ways.

Taco Lasagna

"I'd never had lasagna with salsa and corn before I made this. It is always a hit."


Vegetable Lasagna

"This is a great recipe for beginner chefs."


Taco Lasagna

"I'd never had lasagna with salsa and corn before I made this. It is always a hit."


Roast Vegetable Lasagna

"This lasagna is a succulent, healthy treat for a weeknight dinner."

-La Dilettante

Weight Watchers Lasagna

"I have been using this recipe for years and always love it."

-G'ma Peg SLC

Lasagna Cups

"These adorable cups are great for either a snack, lunch, or dinner."

-May I Have That Recipe

Creamy Seafood Lasagna

"This delicious lasagna is well worth the effort it takes to prepare."

-Vicky S.

Italian Lasagna

"I was expecting just another lasagna recipe, but this one really excited me."


Sante Fe Lasagna

"This is an amazing twist on lasagna. I had to refrain from eating the meat sauce alone."


Pesto & Artichoke Lasagna

"This lasagna is so rich and creamy."


Papa's Lasagna

"This is the only way I want to make lasagna from now on. It's unbelievably good."


Low-Carb Lasagna

"This recipe is perfect for those of us watching our carb intake."


Skillet Lasagna

"This recipe is very easy and tasty. I didn't have to spend hours preparing it."


Cheap Lasagna

"This lasagna goes great with a big chunk of freshly toasted garlic bread."

-Random Rachel

Quick Lasagna

"I love this different take on traditional lasagna."


Light Butternut Squash Lasagna

"I would choose this over traditional lasagna any day."


Black Bean Lasagna

"This has a great tex-mex flavor without being too spicy for kids."


Brazilian Lasagna

"What a wonderful take on lasagna."


Lazy Lasagna

"This recipe is perfect for a lazy day of cooking!"


Lasagna Rolls

"This lasagna is fantastic and can be made ahead of time."


White Asparagus Lasagna

"I am sure this lasagna is on the menu in heaven."