31 Tasty Green Bean Recipes That Will Steal the Show this Thanksgiving

The best Thanksgiving meals have the best sides, which is why we’ve rounded up these delicious green bean recipes to help kick-start your turkey day meal-planning.

Green Bean Salad

"Delicious! I made this with fresh green beans, and chopped plum tomatoes. I sauted the pine nuts for just a minute in 1 t butter. The dressing is really good. Very easy to make."


Green Bean Casserole

"This is the recipe I go to when making green bean casserole, except I add a couple of dashes of soy sauce. The addition of that makes all the difference."


Red Potato and Green Bean Saute

"Very good and easy side dish. I followed the recipe as written other then I didn't have fresh basil so used dried. We all enjoyed it."


Green Bean Salad

"Delicious! I made this with fresh green beans, and chopped plum tomatoes. I sauted the pine nuts for just a minute in 1 t butter. The dressing is really good. Very easy to make."


Campbell's Green Bean Casserole

The original recipe, straight from the source! Discover why cream of mushroom soup and crispy onions have become staple ingredients for some of the most classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Green Beans With Lemon and Oil

"I loved the taste of the lemon and olive oil over the beans -- so simple but just enough to give them a little lift. Perfect for a summer meal!"


Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes

"This was fabulously tasty and easy! I used fresh green beans and that seemed to make a real difference! I didn't have garlic salt so I used garlic powder instead. The combination of butter, sugar, basil and garlic is quite outstanding, and perfect for tomatoes and beans. This makes 4 really generous servings, but even so, this recipe is guaranteed to be gobbled whole... it's really exceptional."


Roasted Green Beans

"Our family loves these. What a healthy, nice recipe!"


Green Beans Almondine

"Yum! I cut the beans into 1 inch pieces and cooked them for 10 minutes. After roasting the almonds in the butter, I added the cooked beans to the same pot and mixed it all together, so the beans borrowed some of the buttery flavour too!"


Chinese Green Beans

"very good. Simple, spicy, quick!"


Campbell's Bacon & Cheddar Green Bean Casserole

Because everything is better with bacon, try adding it—along with some melty cheddar cheese—to this Thanksgiving staple.

Gingered Green Beans

"This was so delicious! I could have eaten only green beans for dinner. This would be good on other veggies too, like broccoli. We forgot to put the seeds on but I remembered when getting seconds and it was good both ways."

-Island Girl 525

Green Beans with Caramelized Onions

"I have made these a couple of times. Frozen whole green beans were just as good as fresh. This recipe is easy and very tasty!"


Green Bean Casserole

"Really awesome green bean casserole, however, extremely time consuming. If you have to only bring one dish this is a winner."

-Rachel in NC

Campbell's Mini Green Bean Casseroles

Looking for a more creative take? Try baking your green bean mixture into biscuits. These buttery, baked bites make filling up your Thanksgiving plate easier than ever.

Campbell's Green Bean Casserole Italiano

Love the original GBC, but want to mix it up a bit? Give it a bit of Italian flare by adding mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes for an umami punch.

Baked Green Beans

"My Husband and I loved these green beans. Super easy and delicious!"

-Sherry Carl

Easy Canned Green Beans

"We all enjoyed these beans -- what a nice change from "out of the can" green beans."


Marinated Green Beans

"I used less onion and it was a sweet onion, just what I had on hand. I added 1 chopped zucchini. We loved it! Marinate overnight."


Green Beans

"This recipe takes little ingredients and is so simple to prepare. It tastes great and makes an awesome side dish."

-Sandra Viera

Haricot Vert - French Green Beans With Garlic and Sliced Almonds

"This is so delicious, even without almonds! Have made it about 3 times now and it makes a great side dish. Very good and highly recommended! It's the only way I make french green beans!"


Wok or Skillet Asian-Style Fresh Green Beans

"This was fantastic. Better than any similar green bean dish I've ordered in Chinese restaurants. Easy and delicious."


Mustard Green Beans

"These were really, really good! I cheated and used frozen green beans, but they still came out great. I did add the brown sugar and will do that again next time."

-Kristy D

Green Beans with Garlic Butter

"Cooked fresh beans 10 minutes in water to cover them, drained, added garlic chopped in melted butter. Superb!"

-Ben Witzig

Nutty Green Beans

"Simple, but tasty. I used sliced almonds (toasted) as my nut, and added a bit of ginger powder. Delicious!"

-Elliot Targum

Breaded Italian Green Beans

"Tasty and simple. I used fresh green beans from Trader Joes that came in a microwaveable bag. I microwaved them, then added them to a pot with the rest of the recipe ingredients, as directed. I grated in some fresh Parmesan cheese at the end of the heating time too. Very nice; will make again!"


Green Beans with Fresh Dill

"Wonderful and easy! I added fresh carrots as well....also added some minced garlic and minced onion for extra flavor...YUMMY!!"


Honey Almond Green Beans

"OMG!! Never expected this to be one of my favorites, but it sure is!!"

-diner 524

Green Beans in Sour Cream

"These beans had lots of flavor even though there were not many ingredients. I used the sour cream option, and cooked the onions in garlic infused olive oil instead of the butter. Also, I added some salt and fresh cracked black pepper."


Sauteed Green Beans with Tomato & Garlic

"Awesome green beans! My entire family loved this recipe. The fresh green beans, tomato and garlic blended beautifully into a delectible vegetarian delight. This was also a very eye-appealing dish with the contrast of colors. It's a new family favorite in my house!"


Cream of Green Bean Soup

"Very yummy and will definitely make again!! The lemon juice added so a lovely fresh taste to it. Turned out wonderfully."

-MsUnderwoodPW ..

Honey Soy Crispy Garlic Green Beans

Watch how quickly these sweet and salty veggies disappear.