18 Holiday Big-Batch Drinks

Turn one bottle of booze into a bowl of festive holiday cheer with these clever recipes for your party crowd.

Mulled Wine

"This is my kind of easy to make drink. Who needs something complicated during the chaos of the holidays anyway!"

-Liza at Food.com

Big-Batch Eggnog

"Great Eggnog without the worry of the raw eggs."

-Mamas Kitchen Hope

Holiday Cranberry Punch

"Everyone at our family Christmas gathering commented on how good this was! The recipe was perfect for my punch bowl. It looked very pretty and festive with the orange and lime slices."


New Year's Eve White Sangria

"LOVED THIS! I can't wait to make it in a clear pitcher to show off the lovely fruit."


Champagne Punch

"I served this for Christmas and everyone loved it. It has a beautiful color, tastes wonderful and is simple to put together!"

-TJ Witt

Mulled Wine

"This is my kind of easy to make drink. Who needs something complicated during the chaos of the holidays anyway!"

-Liza at Food.com

Christmas Punch

"This punch is smooth and rich but lightened by the club soda. Plus, it has a frosty but gentle kiss of peppermint."


Icy Holiday Punch

"I always get rave compliments when I serve this! It is not your average punch. It's sweet, with a little tang, icy and refreshing. You will not be disappointed."


Hot Buttered Cranberry Cider

"I enjoyed this flavorful cider very much. It hit the spot perfectly! Not overly sweet, it's subtly spiced and comforting."

-Baby Kato

Cranberry Juice Sangria

"This recipe makes a really refreshing drink. It's tasty and definitely holiday worthy."


Hot Toddy

"This drink sure does warm you up. This will stay in my cookbook and I will definitely make this again!"

-Mimi Bobeck

Sparkling Party Punch

"I halved the recipe for 14-person dinner party, but we finished nevertheless. The kids especially loved it."

-Izzy Knight

White Hot Chocolate

"I loved the rich, creamy white chocolate, and the brandy gives just the right touch. It's a wonderful drink to relax with after a long day of shopping and baking!"


Slow-Cooker Cider Punch

"This was a big hit when I brought it to a Christmas dinner — such a big hit, the hosts kept the leftovers."

-Vino Girl

Lemon Champagne Punch

"Major hit! Sweet and tart with a kick! We did not use punch cups — looks elegant in white wine glasses or champagne flutes."

-Judi M.

So-Simple Punch

"So simple and easy. I love this recipe. This is what I brought for everyone to drink at Christmas and everyone loved it!"


Peppermint Schnapps Hot Chocolate

"Who knew that you could get a rich cup of cocoa from skim milk and chocolate chips? The schnapps adds an extra zip to this delicious drink."



"Yum, yum! Now this is EGGnog. It's nicely thick and deliciously creamy."

-Sydney Mike

Holiday Aroma

"What a fabulous idea! This smells absolutely divine."