5 Epic Desserts That'll Make You Insta-Famous

Watch the likes pour in.

Krispy Treat Drip Cake

You've seen drip cakes all over the 'gram, but this one takes things to the next level with layers of krispy treats and vibrant ganache.

Unicorn Cake Truffles

We'd take all of our food in unicorn form if we could — especially these cake truffles sporting rainbow manes and gold horns.

Pusheen Cat Doughnuts

Not only do these guys slay any get-together you bring them to, they also come complete with their own mini donuts in hand.

Emoji Macarons

We're all about that #EmojiLife, and macarons are the perfect backdrop for them. Make 'em all the same or mix and match for some variety.

Galaxy Mirror Cake

The shiny sparkle icing this cake is sporting is no match for the magic that awaits inside. Surprise! All of your favorite candies.