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September 14: Doughnut Sundaes

"I used glazed donuts, and I ran out of pecans so I sprinkled granola on top. I love the caramel sauce with just a hint of rum."


September 1: Greek Turkey Burgers

Build a burger that transports you to the Mediterranean.

September 2: Berry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

"Beautiful cake and beautifully presented. It makes a wonderful gift to take to dinner parties because it looks and tastes so good!"

-Phunny Pharmer

September 3: Baked Grilled Cheese

"I used cheddar and provolone and added some ham with roast beef. It was great."


September 4: Blue Cheese-Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf

Wings meet meatloaf in the mashup of the century.

September 5: New York-Style Pizza

"Super easy and tasty. It has good yeasty bread flavor and cooks very well. I just throw all the ingredients in a bread maker, and it comes out perfectly."


September 6: Coffee Ice Cream

"Yum! I doubled the recipe and added dark chocolate chips. Now I can make my favorite ice cream at home."


September 7: Beer Margarita

"Very good! I thought it was better than a lot of the overly sweet margaritas at restaurants."

-Chef Jenny 4

September 8: Chicken Scaloppine With Lemon Glaze

"Capers were a great addition. Outstanding!"


September 9: Pecan Pie Brownies

Decadent pecan pie filling meets fudgy gooey brownies? It's a yes from us.

September 10: Memphis-Style Hot Dogs

Pass on regular old ketchup and mustard. These next level hot dogs get a kick from barbecue sauce and sharp cheese.

September 11: Chili

"This is perfect. I added an extra jalapeno which is the perfect spice level for me. I've never tasted such good chili."


September 12: Mini Baked Alaska

"It looks more difficult than it actually is so once you master the meringue you can really wow your friends."


September 13: 10-Minute Shrimp Pad Thai

"This recipe is delicious and so quick to prepare!"


September 14: Doughnut Sundaes

"I used glazed donuts, and I ran out of pecans so I sprinkled granola on top. I love the caramel sauce with just a hint of rum."


September 15: Linguine with Sausage & Kale

"Love this recipe. I did not have red bell peppers so I used a yellow squash. There weren't any leftovers."


September 16: Pickled Red Beet Eggs

"Very tasty and pretty. And they tend to disappear in a hurry at our house!"


September 17: Monte Cristo Sandwich

"Delicious sandwich!! I especially liked that fact that this was baked rather than the traditional fried."


September 18: Cauliflower Tacos

"We devoured these! Loved the spicy and sweet flavors, and the texture of the cauliflower was perfect."

-Hot Cooking Mama

September 19: Stuffed Bell Peppers

"This recipe turned out to be delicious. I've never made vegetarian stuffed peppers before, and I wasn't disappointed."

-Hilary 3

September 20: Mini Maple Cinnamon Rolls

"The addition of maple syrup to the dough really added to the flavor. They baked up beautifully in only 15 minutes in my oven, and were tender and moist."


September 21: Slow Cooker Chicken Pozole

"Yummy and easy! We ate ours topped with avocado."


September 22: Churro Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream gets livelier with a fried cinnamon sugar cone.

September 23: Fig & Feta Salad

"Lovely combination."


September 24: Fresh Blueberry Pie

"This is my favorite way to make blueberry pie! The fresh berries in it are just wonderful, and we top it high with sweetened whipped cream."


September 25: Sheet Pan Salmon Dinner

Easy to cook, even easier to clean, and a dream to eat.

September 26: Fluffy Key Lime Pie

"Quick, easy and delicious! This is a nice, light dessert."


September 27: Breakfast Sandwich

"I love these sandwiches, and I love making them at home."


September 28: Strawberry Pretzel Salad

"Awesome salad! It can be eaten as salad or dessert. This salad never lasts long around my house or at potlucks."


September 29: Cosmopolitan

"The ingredients and proportions are just perfect. I highly recommend using fresh lime juice. Delicious!"


September 30: 30 Minute Chicken & Dumplings

"This one was so easy and delicious. The broth was just too good. Filling and very comforting — perfect rainy day food."