28 Dishes That Taste as Good as Travel Feels

Your vacation days are limited and your savings account is dry, but that doesn't mean your kitchen can't be full of global flavors this summer.

Vacation: Las Vegas

Until then: Make an over-the-top cocktail to stir up a bit of the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" attitude at home.

Vacation: Colombia

Until then: If you can't make it to the equator, make the equator come to you. Search out the most-ripe, most-flavorful fruit and feel breezy eating this luscious snack with the A.C. on blast.

Vacation: South Korea

Until then: Kim bop is best enjoyed on plastic trays in food markets, but if you take these to the beach in a Tupperware we're sure you'll still love them.

Vacation: New Orleans

Until then: You don't need to visit the Big Easy to get a taste of this party staple. Our only advice: Don't miss out on this tradition.

Vacation: South American Rainforest

Until then: You don't need to brave the humidity and mosquitos to spot a colorful toucan. Bring one to life—in cake form.

Vacation: Disney Land

Until then: Is there anything better than a four-day trip to the happiest place on earth? The pineapple whip, you say? Well, we've got it, and you didn't even need to drop bills on an all-inclusive pass.

Vacation: Spain

Until then: Live your dream of a summer adventure in Spain with this chorizo and manchego-laden burger.

Vacation: Peru

Until then: Save yourself from altitude sickness and indulge in an easy-to-replicate-at-home taste of this country's award-winning cuisine.

Vacation: San Franciso

Until then: The coldest summer you've ever experienced doesn't need to be a trip to San Francisco. Instead, master the art of the chilly city's namesake loaf and bask in endless bread bowls.

Vacation: Bahamas

Until then: A trip to the Bahamas is about one thing: relaxation. So sit back, de-stress and let this refreshing cocktail transport you.

Vacation: Greece

Until then: We highly recommend eating your dolmas while oogling photos of Santorini. Because no matter how good dolmas taste, the views of azure waters will make them infinitely better.

Vacation: New York City

Until then: Part of NYC's appeal is the pizza. So, save yourself from the crowded streets and insufferable humidity and make this pizza at home instead.

Vacation: Montreal

Until then: You're already grilling steaks, why not cover that tasty symbol of summer with the classic flavor of Montreal spice rub?

Vacation: Road Trip

Until then: Beef jerky is the universal road trip food. It's filling, easy to eat and available at any old gas station. Level up your road trip game and make this jerky for a lazy day at the house or a short jaunt in your car.

Vacation: Italy

Until then: You've got Venice on the brain and tickets to Rome on price alert, but for now you're on stay-cation. Instead of ditching the flavors of aperitivo, infuse them with ice cream. Savings never tasted so good.

Vacation: Thailand

Until then: Mangos may never be as good as they are in Thailand, but perfectly prepared sticky rice can help us feel one step close to true fruit royalty.

Vacation: Oaxaca

Until then: Making this corn salad at home might not be as social as finding your favorite esquites vendor in Mexico, but it will help you forget (if only momentarily) that you should have renewed your passport back in January.

Vacation: Philippines

Until then: Halo-Halo is like a snow cone on crack, and this recipe will help you save up for that trip you're going to want to take to Manila after trying it.

Vacation: India

Until then: Mango season is a veritable celebration in India, but save yourself the harrowing flight and indulge at home instead. This lassi-mango-popsicle mashup is a welcome alternative.

Vacation: Miami

Until then: We've all watched Chef: Miami's all about the beaches, the sandwiches and the sun. Florida might not be far, but your kitchen (and this Cuban) is a whole lot closer.

Vacation: Cancun

Until then: In Cancun, you can eat ceviche while lying on hammocks and drinking ice cold beer steps from the ocean. Don't worry; ceviche tastes good in suburbia too.

Vacation: Chile

Until then: Filling your summer with the flavor of Chilean empanadas will make you thankful that the country with 2,653 miles of coastline knows its way around beef.

Vacation: France

Until then: Summers in France are a bit like you'd expect: picnics, petanque and rose. Hense our reasoning behind turning this Provencal classic into a tart when your next pang of Parisian-longing strikes.

Vacation: Turkey

Until then: Turkey is a glorious place for food, but lucky for you, many of the flavors are easy to translate into picnic-ready dishes.

Vacation: New England

Until then: Pick up fresh berries, dream about the ocean, pretend you were invited to Taylor Swift's 4th of July party — and feel transported.

Vacation: Thailand

Until then: Your dreams of Bangkok won't be so far away if you serve up a Thai coconut red curry.

Vacation: Baseball Games

Until then: Garlic fries are to baseball as water is to life. Want the stadium feel at home? Make these and turn the on game, full-volume.

Vacation: Hawaii

Until then: Poke is having a moment, and the ease of acquisition in Hawaii makes the fish magical. Not to fear, an easy homemade version will satisfy the craving when a plane ticket is out of reach.