19 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas That Go Beyond Traditional

Traditional is the typical way to go, but there are many ways to design a festive feast. Here are 19 fun takes on this year's big meal.

Small Thanksgiving

Perfect for a small crowd (or two people with big appetites!), this Thanksgiving menu features impressive recipes that are a cinch to scale down.

Classic Thanksgiving

Master the classics with these must-have recipes for a wonderfully traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Cheesy Thanksgiving

Lovers of the #cheesepull, rejoice! Why? Because Thanksgiving is better with an extra pound, or four, of cheese — we promise.

Meat Lovers' Thanksgiving

If you live for the sausage stuffing and bacon-wrapped turkey, this meat-centric menu is for you. Even the vegetable has a meaty (read: delicious) surprise.

Fancy Foodie Thanksgiving

Make this menu worthy of overhead Instagram photos, because you can (and should) serve kale salad at Thanksgiving dinner.

Traditional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a timeless holiday, so serve a classic menu to match. Don't stray from tradition, cling to it — this menu will help you create a Thanksgiving worthy of recreating year after year.

Throwback Thanksgiving

#TBT? You bet, make Thanksgiving your best Throwback Thursday yet by serving a menu that would make Granny proud. Yes, there will be Jell-O.

South of the Border Thanksgiving

Tired of your typical Thanksgiving feast? Give your meal a fresh (and spicy) twist with these irresistible spins on your favorite T-day dishes.

Thanksgiving for a Crowd

This menu has everything you'll need when serving a big group, from soup to nuts — literally!

First Thanksgiving

There is a first time for everything and Thanksgiving is no different. Make these easy-to-pull-off recipes and watch your first turkey day unfurl without a hitch.

Tropical Thanksgiving

In the mood for something different this year? Start a new Thanksgiving tradition by going island-style with your holiday menu.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Pay homage to our friendly neighbor up north with this hearty and creative Thanksgiving menu.

Southern Thanksgiving

No matter where you're hosting the big gathering this year, everyone will love this Southern-inspired Thanksgiving spread.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Turkey, schmurkey — everyone knows Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes! This menu will wow your family with its awesome veggie-packed options.

Budget Thanksgiving

Your family — and your bank account — will be truly thankful for this splendid from-scratch Thanksgiving dinner.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving

With a little bit of planning and this savvy Thanksgiving menu, you'll be free to relax with friends and family on the big day.

Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

Who says turkey has to be the star attraction every Thanksgiving? This dynamite menu features a succulent ham instead.

From Scratch Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the food, so why not pull out all the stops when it comes to your meal? A little extra time and love goes a long way.