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$25 Pumpkin Pie


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1hr 20mins
1 Pie

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  1. Adjust an oven rack to lowest position and heat oven to 400°F.
  2. Prepare pie crust for blind baking (prick bottom with a fork, line crust with parchment and fill with dried rice or beans). Bake crust for 15 minutes.
  3. (Have all your ingredients measured out and start your filling when the crust goes into the oven). Remove parchment from crust, prick any bubbles with a sharp fork and bake shell for 8 to 10 minutes longer, or until bottom just begins to color.
  4. Remove crust from oven and brush lightly with egg white while still hot.
  5. Process pumpkin, sugar, spices and salt ingredients in a food processor fitted with steel blade for 1 minute.
  6. Transfer mixture to a 3-quart heavy saucepan.
  7. Bring it to a sputtering simmer over medium-high heat.
  8. Cook pumpkin, stirring constantly, until thick and shiny, about 5 minutes.
  9. As soon as pie shell comes out of oven, whisk heavy cream and milk into pumpkin and bring to a bare simmer.
  10. Process eggs in food processor until whites and yolks are mixed, about 5 seconds.
  11. Gradually pour hot pumpkin mixture through feed tube while still running.
  12. Process 30 seconds.
  13. Pour warm filling into hot pie shell.
  14. Put a crust shield on completed pie and bake about 25 minutes.
  15. Filling will be dry-looking and lightly cracked around the edge.
  16. The center will wiggle when pie is gently shaken.
  17. Cool on a wire rack to a warm room temperature.
  18. Serve with slightly sweetened whipped cream.

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