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  1. To Shell: Acorns are best shelled with a nutcracker or a pair of pliers. Simply grip each nut the long way and pinch, then grip it the short way and pinch. Presto! Out pops the clean, white kernel.
  2. To Grind: Put a cup of shelled acorns in a blender, fill the blender's container up with water and whiz away at high speed for a minute or two.
  3. To Leach: Pour the acorn pulp into a dish towel lined colander.
  4. Place the colander under slow running water and work the pulp around with your hand for about five minutes.
  5. The water now runs clear.
  6. Taste the meal.
  7. If bitter, continue rinsing.
  8. The meal should taste rather bland.
  9. Press out the excess liquid and store in the refrigerator or freeze until ready to use.
  10. To Dry: Spread the damp meal out in a shallow layer on a cookie sheet or on sheets of your dehydrator.
  11. Then begin to dry it.
  12. In the oven, you only need the pilot light or the very lowest oven setting.
  13. As it begins to dry, take your hands and very carefully crumble any chunks which hold moisture.
  14. Slowly your meal will begin to look quite good.
  15. You can run it through a grain mill for finer meal.
  16. To Use: The possibilities are endless!
  17. Add acorn meal to mush, stew, or soup.
  18. Use it in turkey dressing.
  19. Substitute acorn meal for corn meal or use it to replace part of the flour called for by your favorite bread, cake or cookie recipe.
  20. If you do substitute, cut down a bit on the usual amount of liquid and shortening, as the acorn meal is high in both vegetable oil and water (unless you chose to dry it).

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