Breakfast: Sausage Burritos With Chile's

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“I needed something easy for me to make for my son when he was in grade school for breakfast beside cereal... with these burritos, i was able to take one out of the freezer the night before and when he got up i took it out of the frig and into the microwave and he had a home cooked breakfast that was good for him... and it only took a couple minutes and he loved it.”
7-8 burritos

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  1. .1. in a large skillet, piece off and brown sausage., after cooked, do not drain, pull sausage to the sides of pan so that their is an opening circle in the middle, add tsp of butter if you'd like, and put the beaten eggs into the circle and gently fold the sausage into the eggs as the eggs cook.
  2. Add chilles or jalpenos, cheddar cheese to your liking and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. 2. Take a flour tortilla and with your (clean) hand, rinse a little water onto one side and place it in microwave oven for 18 sec. and take out . Put onto plate, spoon mixture on to the shell and spoon on salsa . ( when placing the mixture on the tortilla, spoon onto one side of shell instead of middle.).
  4. 3. Roll tortilla shell away from you once to cover the mixture then fold in the sides and contiure rolling until you have your rolled burrito.
  5. 4. You can eat it right away or seal a meal each, or bag with ziploc bag and freeze. That way you can enjoy them for breakfast at your convienence. ENJOY! Be creative and add whatever else you'd like -- this is just the beginning -- such as: fresh chopped tomatoes, basil -- peppers, onions.
  6. it goes on and on -- ENJOY, PS: The kids LOVE IT!, also you can use the same technique and instead of rolling the burrito, grease a flat oven pan, lightly grease it and put the tortilla flat, add ingredients, topped with cheese and whatever and put into 425* oven and till browned ontop and you got MEXICAN BREAKFAST PIZZA. KIDS LOVE IT! you will too.

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