Chocolate Spoons


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Ingredients Nutrition

  • chocolate
  • plastic spoon
  • almond extract or Frangelico or peppermint extract or anise extract or Kahlua


  1. Melt chocolate till it is liquid, watch out that it doesn't scorch; you can do this in the microwave.
  2. Add extract or liquor of choice.
  3. Then just dip the spoon into the chocolate and lay the spoons with their handles over the edge of a wax paper lined cookie sheet till set.
  4. You can drizzle white chocolate in a design over dark or milk chocolate or dip 1/2 of spoon in dark and 1/2 in white (the best flavors are mocha, mint, plain, raspberry) Don't just dip lightly, you want a nice puddle in the spoon part and part way up the handle.
  5. I wrap these in clear plastic bags tied with raffia and a tag stating the flavor.
  6. I have seen these for$1 1/2 EACH!
  7. These are marvelous with coffee or cocoa and make enough so each family member gets 2 spoons each.
  8. They will clamor for more!

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