Dal With Protein Chunks

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  1. Wash and soak dal for 3-4 hours.
  2. Soak soyabean nuggets in plenty of water for 2-3 hours.
  3. Drain off water and squeeze out water.
  4. Re-soak in fresh water for half an hour.
  5. Drain and then squeeze out excess water.
  6. Now the nuggets are ready for cooking.
  7. In the meantime, make a smooth paste of onion, tomato, garlic, green chillies and ginger.
  8. Keep aside.
  9. Drain the dal water and pour in 2 cups water.
  10. Pressure cook till done.
  11. Whisk while still hot to make a smooth puree.
  12. Heat 1 tbsp of oil and add the prepared paste.
  13. Fry on gentle heat till an aroma starts coming.
  14. Add prepared soyabean nuggets and red chilli powder.
  15. Mix well.
  16. Add a cup of water and cook covered for 5 minutes.
  17. Add puree of dal and cook on medium heat, stirring continuously, or 5 minutes.
  18. Heat the remaining oil and add mustard seeds and dry chillies broken into two.
  19. Fry till the chillies turn dark brown.
  20. Pour on the hot dal.
  21. Stir well.
  22. Simmer for a few minutes and remove from heat.
  23. Keep aside for atleast half an hour and then serve with lemon juice.

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