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Dash Riprock's Real Halifax Donair


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1hr 45mins

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  1. DONIR MEAT: take all the spices mix them together well add the spices to the meat a little at a time,working the spices through the meat well when spices are all worked into the meat,pick the meat up and throw it down into a steel mixing bowl.
  2. Do this 20-30 times, kneading it after each time.
  3. When throwing the meat you need to throw it down with force.
  4. This gives the meat the proper texture, like you find at a donair shop. Once this is done cut the meat into 1 lb loafs; pat the meat like you would a hamburger, but make it into a loaf shape. Place the loaves on a broiler pan (if you don't have one a cookie sheet will do). Bake at 350°F for 1-1/4 hrs (turn them over at half the way through).
  5. Let the meat cool down before you cut it.
  6. Once it is cut up, you can fry it or not, depending if you like your donair meat crispy or not.
  7. DONAIR SAUCE: Open the can of milk pour it into a steel or glass bowl (not plastic--it won't set up properly in plastic). Pour the sugar & garlic powder in; mix this together well.
  8. Slowly add the vinegar and mix this together slowly. (If you mix the vinegar in too fast it won't thicken up properly).
  9. Once this is done cover and refrigerate.
  10. TO PREPARE DONAIRS: Heat the meat up in a frying pan till it is lightly crispy.
  11. Wet a pita bread and place it into a lightly oiled pan; cook it until it is soft on medium heat.
  12. Once this is done, take sauce & lightly coat the pita on one side.
  13. Place about 100g of meat and then pour more donair sauce over it.
  14. Place chopped onion & tomatoes on it.
  15. bon appitite!
  16. PS. The leftover meat can be kept in the freezer for future use. The sauce however will only last a couple of days once refrigerated.

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