Easy Chinese Buffet Green Beans

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  1. Precook the green beans preferably by steaming. Boiling works as well, just be absolutely sure to DRAIN THEM WELL since you will be adding them to HOT peanut oil, and you don't want any eruptions!
  2. In a heavy wok, pour enough peanut oil to cover the bottom by about 1/8 inch deep. Heat until hot; test by breaking off a little piece of green bean and dropping it into the oil. Instant frying means it's hot enough.
  3. You can use your hands to drop the beans into the oil, I prefer tongs just to be safe. Only add enough beans to sit comfortably in the hot oil without overcrowding.
  4. Move them around a bit; flip them and cook until they are shriveled and a few are slightly browned.
  5. Remove from wok with tongs; drain oil from wok; return the beans to the wok; reduce the heat but keep it hot.
  6. Shake on as much oyster sauce as you like, adding a couple large pinches of sesame seeds or more also as you like.
  7. Toss beans around to coat; heat the sauce and get the sesame seeds fragrant.
  8. Done! Eat 'em up!

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