Hobo Dinners for Campers


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2 cup packets

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  1. Lay FOUR foil pieces along counter or on table top (set other four pieces aside).
  2. In center of foil, dice one potato and carrot; slice one mushroom.
  3. Crumble one-fourth of the hamburger over the 'shroom.
  4. Slice or mince one-quarter of the onion over the burger.
  5. Press one clove of garlic over the onion.
  6. Add half a teaspoon of beef base to the mound.
  7. Snip up one tablespoon of butter over each pile.
  8. Sprinkle on salt & pepper and any herbs (basil, parsley, thyme, oregano) you like.
  9. Bring ends of foil to center, then make small folds (twice) to lock in the top. Wrap ONE end up, roll end tightly.
  10. Lift packet up and gently shake goodies to compress.
  11. Add 2 tablespoons of water to the open end, then carefully fold and roll up the open end.
  12. Set rolled packet into center of SECOND sheet of foil and wrap again. This prevents any gravy-juice from sneaking out.
  13. Over indirect campfire/grill or rake campfire coals over -- cook 30 minutes (check to be sure spuds are soft).
  14. OPEN CAREFULLY as the inside will be steamy and HOT!
  15. Serve from inner foil or transfer to a plate.
  16. BRILLIANT IDEA: Freeze the packets after wrapping -- then they'll stay nice and cold longer when you get to your campsite, and can be served the second night out.
  17. OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS: frozen broccoli or mixed veggies; fresh corn, beans, or peas.
  18. SAUCE IT UP: Add about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of cream of 'shroom/celery soup for a nice gravy/sauce.

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