How to make a fruit and cheese table for your wedding reception

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  1. To make a Cheese, Cracker and Fruit Table: Cover a round table with cloth.
  2. Place large soup pot in middle of table.
  3. Cover with material and tuck edges under loosely.
  4. Cover the top tier with grapes and whole fruit.
  5. Surround tier with: Stacks of small plates and napkins.
  6. Cheese boards and several blocks of cheese.
  7. Drape inexpensive baskets with material and fill with crackers.
  8. Place plates of grapes, blueberries, whole strawberries, cherries, kiwi slices and any other fruit in season.
  9. This cover will hide coolers filled with fruit and cheese supplies and extra baskets of crackers.
  10. Other wedding tips: A gallon of punch serves approx.
  11. 24 servings.
  12. Distilled water will freeze clear, regular water will be opaque.
  13. If using plain ice to chill punch make the punch a bit strong.
  14. An ice ring or block filled with punch and frozen won't dilute the punch.
  15. Cover for a round table: Measure from center point to the edge of the table and then measure to the floor.
  16. For example: from center of the table to its edge is 36 inches and from table top to 4 inches* off the floor is 25.
  17. The radius would equal 61 inches.
  18. 61 x 2= diameter The material for the circular cover has a diameter of 122.
  19. Find a solid colored inexpensive queen or king-size top sheet that is large enough to cut a circle.
  20. Lay sheeting on the floor.
  21. Take a push pin and stick it in the middle of the sheet.
  22. Tie a piece of string, the length of the radius of the circle, to the pin.
  23. Tie the other end to a piece of chalk.
  24. Roughly mark out circle.
  25. Cut.
  26. Trim: 6+ yards of contrasting printed material, Circumference= 3.
  27. 14 times radius (61 inches).
  28. Amount of trim needed= 192 inches of finished trim.
  29. Trim will be about 3-4 inches wide and gathered.
  30. Amount of material needed to make trim: Cotton weight material= 176 x 2= 351 in.
  31. (9¾ yards) Lighter weight material= 176 x 3= 528 in (14 yards) 5- 6 yards of half inch of non roll waistband elastic.
  32. Cut material the desired width and sew strips together.
  33. Sew material to elastic, stretching elastic as you sew so it will gather.
  34. Attach trim to cover.

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