Indonesian Sweet Martabak / Terang Bulan

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3 Martabaks

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  1. Warm the Evaporated Milk up but do NOT boil it.
  2. While waiting for the Evaporated Milk to get warm, you can put all the ingredients in a container except the margarine. (NOTE: Please use a big container since we need to whisk it later).
  3. Pour the warm Evaporated Milk to the container and start whisking until the ingredients get mixed perfectly. Don’t worry if there is a little residue left.
  4. Melt the Margarine on a pan.
  5. Take another BIG container and use a sieve to separate the fine mixture from the residue. (NOTE: the container must be quite large as the mixture will expand later on).
  6. Pour the melted Margarine to the fine mixture that has been sifted. Stir slowly for a while to mix the margarine.
  7. Let the fine mixture rest for 30 minutes. It’s important that you do not touch the mixture during this process since it may damage the yeast.
  8. After 30 minutes, heat up a frying pan at low heat and grease it well with margarine.
  9. Pour the mixture to the frying pan. The amount of the mixture depends on your preference.
  10. You can cover the frying pan with aluminium foil if you want to.
  11. Wait for it to be cooked until it is firm.
  12. Move it onto a plate and it’s ready for decoration.
  13. Spread the chocolate sprinkle and followed by the shredded cheese. After that, Pour the condensed milk on top of other toppings.
  14. Cut the Terang Bulan into half and fold it.
  15. You can spread a bit of margarine on top of the Terang Bulan to moist the surface.
  16. Cut it into pieces and ENJOY~ ^^.

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