Millie's Perfect Apple Pie

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  1. For Pie Crust:.
  2. Sift flour, add salt & sift again.
  3. Using two butter knives, cut in half of the shortening thoroughly or until mixture resembles course corn meal.
  4. Cut in remaining shortening until roughly the size of peas.
  5. *The secret to flaky crust is Ice Cold Water and very cold shortening.
  6. Sprinkle water, 1 tablespoon at a time over small portions of the mixture, with a fork press the flour particles together as they absorb the water, do not stir.
  7. Push aside pieces of dough in bowl as formed and sprinkle remaining water over dry portions, use only enough water to hold the pasty together. It should not be wet or slippery.
  8. Press all together lightly with your fingers or wrap dough in waxed paper & press all together gently.
  9. Bear in mind, the less the dough is handled the better the crust.
  10. Place dough in refrigerator to chill while peeling & slicing apples.
  11. Apple Pie filling:.
  12. Pre-heat oven to 425f
  13. Peel, Core and slice apples - 4-5 cups is about 5-6 apples.
  14. Prepare pastry and roll out undercrust, fit into a 9 inch pie pan.
  15. In a bowl: combine sugar, flour, cinamon, nutmeg, allspice and salt.
  16. Spread half of this mixture over the pastry lined pan.
  17. Add apples and sprinkle remaider of mixture over the apples.
  18. Sprinkle apples with lemon juice and dot with butter.
  19. Roll, fit and seal upper crust over the top of the apples, I like to cut little hearts and X's in the top crust too for air.
  20. Bake on the lower shelf of a hot oven (425 f) 30-40 minutes.
  21. * I also cover the very edge circle of the crust with foil to keep the edges from browning too much more than the rest of the pie while baking.

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