Moms 7 Kid Chili

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  1. brown ground beef and add seasining makeing sure its mixed.
  2. braze or half cook onion,garlic, and celery, celery and onion medium chopped.
  3. place ground beef in large pot for stove but crock pot is better.
  4. add onion,celery,and garlic mix.
  5. add can of beans not drained, and bottle of ketchup draining beans is optional.
  6. add can of tomato past and salt-peper to taste.
  7. optional chilli peper can be added later after half cooked to your taste.
  8. Most ingredients are already pre-cooked so you just go with high heat to get up temp and than simmer or slow cook tell hot.
  9. the longer you slow cook the better it gets.
  10. you can add what ever you like in small quantitys or cut back on ketchup 6-12oz but may have to add water.
  11. the perfect chilli is the chilli you like or customiz to your taste.
  12. also indgredients can all be put together (after cooking skilet 1 and 2) in the pot and refrigerated for cooking later.

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