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  1. Chipotle Chicken:
  2. Char onion, tomato, garlic and red pepper. Don’t be afraid to burn a little bit. (a little bit).
  3. Place vegetable mixture in a pan with the chicken breast. Add the chipotle, cover with foil and slow cook in the oven – 325 till chicken is tender about 20-25 minutes.
  4. Allow chicken a few minutes to cool off. Remove and pull into decent sized pieces – to your liking.
  5. In a blender puree the vegetable mixture and cilantro till smooth then marinade.
  6. This is also just a great technique to make some flavorful chicken. Serve with rice and or a simple salad.
  7. For the beans:
  8. Soak the beans overnight or at least 3 hours till doubled in size.
  9. strain off old water and cover with fresh water. Add some garlic, the other half of the onion and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat and let simmer till beans are tender and creamy.
  10. season with kosher salt. – your liking.
  11. For the cheese sauce:
  12. Bring 1 cup of heavy cream to a slow boil.
  13. Whisk in 1/2 cup of shredded Velveeta.
  14. Add 4 oz pickling solution from Peabody’s pickles.
  15. keep warm.
  16. Also, just a great dip for bread or chips. Fun for everyone!
  17. Ok Guys! Ready for this super fun Pie?.
  18. Here it goes. We’re going to make a pizza and treat it like a plate of nachos. WOW!
  19. The sub recipes are wonderful and versatile. This is how we do it at Massoni but who’s to tell you what you want on your nacho pie?.
  20. Take a cheesed pizza. Place a bit of the chipotle chicken, corn and black beans all over.
  21. bake pizza and top with the nachos, cheese sauce and pickle chilis. You could officially smother the pie in the sauce.
  22. sprinkle the cotija over and serve with guacamole and fresh lime. Say goodbye to summer.

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