Pasole and Green Chili Stew

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“I was given this recipe by the woman who used to deliver eggs and milk to my family when we lived in New Mexico in the 70s. she lived on the Taos pueblo near Angel Fire. this was her family she gave it to me. It calls for nixtamal which is the lime treated hominy that hasn't been cooked yet. Once it is cooked its called pasole Its not always easy to find, the one reliable place I've found are the small markets where they make fresh tamale dough, usually they are willing to sell a couple of pounds of the corn You can use the canned Hominy but the tast and texture are different”

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. the original recipe used nixtamel which is mexican limed corn which doesn't have the nutrition facts for which means I cant list it with the ingredients but if you are lucky enough to find the nixtamel,take 2 cups rince well in colender, put it in pressure cooker and add the water.Do not add salt as it will cause the corn to be tough.Cook at 15 lbs pressure for 1:20 minutes.
  2. If you you are using canned Hominy add it with other ingredients after the pork is done
  3. Take the pork sholder and cut it into several large pieces place in large stock pot,with the chicken stock until meat is tender
  4. separate into bite size chunks.
  5. While meat is cooking peel and dice the chilies and onions.
  6. if using canned tomatoes crush into mediun chunks.
  7. peal & crush garlic and chop into small dice
  8. Once meat is tender and pasole has finished cooking combine all other ingredients into pot where meat has been cooking along with oregano and other spices salt and pepper to taste simmer for another hour toto allow flavors to blend. serve with tortillas and sopapillas.
  9. I recommend the sopillas recipe #17364 by another chef.

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