Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling


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6-12 muffins

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  1. To prepare the muffin tin use 1 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter, aluminum foil or paper cupcake liners; or nonstick vegetable spray and set aside.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350F with a rack in the center of the oven.
  3. Place the cream cheese in a small bowl and add the maple syrup.
  4. Use a fork to blend them together until smooth.
  5. Set aside.
  6. Place a mesh sieve over a medium mixing bowl and add the flour, baking powder, salt ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon.
  7. Shake the contents into a bowl and set aside.
  8. Place the eggs and light brown and granulated sugar in a large mixing bowl.
  9. With the mixer on high speed, beat the eggs and sugars together until they are thickened and light, about 2 minutes, scraping down the bowl from time to time as you work.
  10. The mixture should be thick enough to fall back into the bowl in a thick ribbon when the beaters are shut off and raised.
  11. Beat in the pumpkin puree on low speed.
  12. With the mixer still on low speed, pour in half of the oil, then add half the flour mixture.
  13. Repeat with the remaining oil and flour mixture until there are no streaks of flour remaining.
  14. Scrape down sides of the bowl as you work.
  15. Beat in the milk until just combined.
  16. Divide the batter amoung the muffin tin holes.
  17. If you are baking regular size muffins, place 1/2 tbsp cream cheese mixture on each portion of batter then top with pecan halves.
  18. Press down lightly on the cream cheese and nuts.
  19. For jumbo muffins, place 1 tbsp of cream cheese mixture on each portion of batter, then top each with 3 or 4 pecan halves.
  20. Bake regular muffins for 20 to 22 minutes, and jumbo muffins for 30 to 35 minutes until the muffins are golden brown and have risen nicely; a cake tester inserted in the center of a muffin should come out clean.
  21. Remove the muffins from the oven and allow them to cool in the pan for 10 minutes.
  22. Transfer them carefully to a wire rack and cool.
  23. The muffins can be stored in a reclosable gallon-size plastic bag at room temperature for 24 hours.
  24. They can also be frozen for up to 3 months.
  25. Wrap individual muffins in plastic wrap, then place them on a baking sheet and freeze for at least 3 hours.
  26. When they are completely frozen, place each on in an individual recloseable sandwich-size bag.
  27. Lable the bag and note the date with a waterproof marker.
  28. Remove the muffins from the freezer the night before and defrost on the kitchen counter at room temperature to be eaten the next morning.

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