Scalloped Oysters (Huitres en Coquilles)

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1 casserole

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  1. Select about 4 dozen fine oysters.
  2. Have ready a porcelain-lined baking dish, or any good dish that will not darken the oysters.
  3. Drain the oysters in a collander, strain the liquor to remove all pieces of shell and save it.
  4. Butter the baking dish and place in a layer of oysterswell seasoned a la Creole with Cayenne, salt, chopped mace, cloves, thyme, parsley and bayleaf, chopped very fine.
  5. Place over a layer of bread crumbs, about a half inch in thickness.
  6. Place here and there little dots of butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  7. Add another layer of seasoned oysters, and then another layer of bread crumbs, until the dish is full.
  8. Then mix a half cup of rich cream and milk and a half cup of the oyster liquor, and pour over the dish.
  9. Sprinkle the last layer with bread crumbs and dot gently with bits of butter.
  10. Place in a quick oven and bake about fifteen or twenty minutes, or until a nice brown.
  11. (Copied word for word from The Original Picayune Creole Cook Book, tenth edition.).

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