Scottish Toast

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1 toasted loaf

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  1. If loaf is unsliced, cut it into thick slabs.
  2. Set out the sliced bread beside the stove.
  3. Pour oats onto a big plate, and layer a fine amount of them for dipping the toast into.
  4. Beat eggs, milk, salt and vanilla in a bowl deep enough to hold a slice of your bread.
  5. Put butter and oil in a saucepan and let oil/butter come to a good heat, not too high but not too low.
  6. Dip a slice of bread in egg mixture, let it absorb wet mixture until it is saturated but not too soggy.
  7. Put slice in oats and cover and turn to cover again.
  8. Place it in butter/oil mixture and cook on both sides until golden.
  9. Set the slices that are done on a plate lined with paper towel.
  10. If you are cooking for a few people, transfer to cookie sheet in low-heat oven until all slices are cooked.
  11. Transfer to serving plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar, or serve with honey or syrup.

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