Shrimp and fish skewer

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  1. Clean, peel and devaine shrimps (leave tail).
  2. Cut fish in strips (about 3/4 inch thick).
  3. Cut cupsicum in strips (about 1/4 inch) same with onion.
  4. Using two skewers insert three shrimps, 1 strip of cupsicum, 1 strip of fish, 1 strip of onion, then shrimps, continue process until skewer is filled.
  5. The reason for using 2 skewers parallel separated about an inch is to keep the shrimp straight and won't bend.
  6. Fish and shrimp can be combined in any way you like, it's your option.
  7. Once skewers are ready place them in a try or marinating dish.
  8. Mix all ingradients, with a brush marinate skewers on both sides (use all marinade), cover and place in fridge till ready to cook.
  9. Can be cooked in grill or BBQ.
  10. Needs high heat, cook for 2 minutes turn and brush left marinate in try, cook for 2 minutes, turn, brush marinate cook for 1 minute, turn and cook for another minute.
  11. Serve hot.
  12. Can be used as an entree or as main meal with rice or baked potatoes, children will love them with chips.

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