Spicy Thin Pasta with Chicken and Vegetable Melange

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1hr 15mins

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  1. Take the skin and the bones off the chicken and make a little stock with them.
  2. Once you have passed the stock reduce it down, so that you have a quarter in proportion to the amount of cream, i. e. if you are using 9 fl. oz. of cream you need 2¼ fl. oz. of stock, and no more.
  3. Cut and slice the meat into julienne, peel and slice the onion, de-seed and slice the peppers, cut the sundried tomatoes into strips, crush the garlic and chop the herbs.
  4. Melt the butter and mix with the flour, over a light heat.
  5. (This is called'beurre mainiere' and will be used to thicken the sauce.) Heat the cooking oil in a large pan and put in the onion and the peppers with the garlic; sauté this without allowing to colour, add the herbs and the white wine, then the cream with the chili sauce.
  6. Add the smoked chicken stock, with added bouillon, add to the cream and the roasted pine nuts, stir in the butter and flour mix.
  7. Make sure that there are no lumps, and cook over a low heat for ten minutes.
  8. In a pot of fresh boiling, lightly salted water cook the pasta, and when cooked refresh under cold water, drain well and toss with the hot sauce, adding the cheese at the same time.
  9. Top with sliced spring onion and pine nuts.

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