Spinach Pasta Pie


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  1. In a Dutch oven cook pasta according to package directions.
  2. Drain.
  3. Return to the hot Dutch oven.
  4. Add margarine or butter, toss till melted.
  5. Add 1 egg and parmesan cheese, toss till coated.
  6. Press onto the bottom and up the sides of an ungreased 10 inch quiche dish or pie plate.
  7. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 7 to 10 minutes or til set.
  8. Meanwhile, rinse and chop fresh spinach.
  9. In a medium saucepan cook spinach, covered with just the water that clings to the leaves about 2 minutes or till steam forms.
  10. Reduce heat and cook 3 to 5 minutes more or till tender, stirring frequently.
  11. Or cook frozen spinach according to package directions.
  12. Drain well.
  13. Stir in green onion and parsley.
  14. In a bowl beat cream cheese and 2 eggs with an electric mixer on medium speed till combined.
  15. Stir in spinach mixture, skim milk, salt, oregano, and pepper.
  16. Pour into prepared pasta shell.
  17. Cover shell edge with foil.
  18. Bake in a 375 degree oven 25 to 30 minutes or til knife inserted near centre comes out clean, let stand 10 minutes.

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