Stuffed Chicken Wings (Peek Kai Yod Sai)

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12-14 chicken wings

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  1. For deboning chicken wings---------------------.
  2. Debone the chicken wings by bending backwards the joint between the drumstick and wing to loosen the tendons, then cut a ring around the top part of the drumstick and using a sharp knife, slowly scrape down against the bone to loosen the meat from the drumstick.
  3. Always pushing back the skin as you scrape.
  4. Now proceed to do that for the wing by first cutting off the bone of the drumstick and continue scraping down to the second joint, pushing back the skin and meat as you go.
  5. Then carefully cut off the two bones of the wing and discard them.
  6. Be careful not to pierce the chicken skin.
  7. Repeat this for all the wings.
  8. Now the chicken wings are ready for stuffing.
  9. For stuffing---------------.
  10. Pound the garlic, salt, fish sauce, peppercorns, coriander root and prawn powder together to form a paste.
  11. Mix the paste into the minced pork.
  12. Blend the mixture in a blender for a few seconds to obtain a finer paste.
  13. (optional) Stuffed the chicken wings with the mixture until they are firm.
  14. For cooking--------------------.
  15. Heat oil in a wok for deep-frying.
  16. Coat each chicken wing with rice flour, then dip into beaten egg and then fry for 5 mins or until the chicken wing turns golden brown.
  17. Once ready, remove and drain well using kitchen paper.

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