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2hrs 20mins

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  1. Put half the butter in a fry pan and saute the onions until soft.
  2. Add meat, stir until the pink disappears and add 1/4 cup water, rice and cinnamon.
  3. Add salt& pepper to taste and remove from heat.
  4. Sprinkle the sugar between the inside of each scooped out quince, fill with the meat mixture and divide remaining butter equally, put their tops back on.
  5. Place 1 cup of water in a pan that will hold the 6 quinces side by side.
  6. Put quinces in the pan.
  7. Put about a cup of the quince flesh that you reserved around the quinces in the water.
  8. Cover tightly with a lid and over medium heat bring to a simmer, lower heat and cook gently for one hour, don't let them burn if necessary add a bit of water.
  9. Add vinegar and lemon juice to liquid in the pot and stir tilting the pot to mix.
  10. Cook for about another 45 minutes or until quinces are tender, Baste occasionally during cooking.
  11. Remove quinces carefully to serving dish and keep hot.
  12. Puree the pulp and remaining liquid, return to pan, reduce to half and adjust the sweet sour flavor.
  13. Pour sauce over the quinces and serve.

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