Tofu Burgers

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12-20 patties, depending on size

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  1. starting out with smallest amounts of oatmeal and tomato paste,mix all ingredients in large bowl.
  2. If allergic to both wheat AND corn then use 3 Tblsp. rice flour instead.
  3. I usually don't add any salt, if you'd like salt now is the time to add it.
  4. mash together with potato masher.
  5. using hands, form'patties' out of mixture to desired size (mixture does not shrink very much).
  6. If mixture seems too dry to you (oatmeal absorbs liquid differently on different days for some reason) add more tomato paste.
  7. If mixture seems too wet to you add a little bit more instant oatmeal (or corn meal if you prefer and it's only a little too wet).
  8. I prefer to bake in oven on lined cookie sheet for 20 min. or so at about 425 degrees fahrenheit.
  9. Can be grilled or fried instead if desired.
  10. Cooking times and temps required vary seemingly depending on humidity also.

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