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Weisswurst Sausage

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5 lbs

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  1. Grind shoulder and fatback twice using medium sized grinding plate (3mm or 1/8”). Grinding the meat twice ensured that it will be extra emulsified.
  2. Combine the cream and eggs and use a food processor to mince the ground meat and cream/egg mixture. You don’t have to use all the cream/egg mixture in this stage, but using a generous amount will help the meat to emulsify. Putting these elements through the food processor is essential to the emulsification process. It should be very runny by the end.
  3. Mix the remainder (if any) of the cream/eggs in a bowl with the meat and spices (all ground) until meat sticks to the sides of bowl (for myosin development).
  4. Stuff into hog casing, very carefully as the product will be extremely runny.
  5. Finish cooking in C-VAP (steam cooker) until 165 degrees internal temperature. (Usually pork based sausages only need to cook to 155 degrees internal temperature, but because eggs cook at a higher temperature it must go to 165 degrees).
  6. Weisswurst is traditionally served in the morning in a bowl of water with fresh chives, but here at Radler we serve it over our haus kraut with our haus mustards and a pretzel. Many places in Germany will tell you Weisswurst should be eaten only after the casing is removed, and some places will even remove it for you!

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