White Castle Cheeseburgers


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16 Burgers

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  1. Separate the beef into 16 1 oz portions.
  2. On wax paper, form the portions into square, very thin 2.5" patties.
  3. Poke 5 holes in each patties with a circular object such as a straw.
  4. Freeze the patties until firm.
  5. Toast the faces of the dinner rolls, either in a hot frying pan or under the broiler In a hot frying pan or skillet, preheated to medium heat, arrange tablespoon sized piles of onions 3 inches apart.
  6. Salt and Pepper each pile.
  7. Spread the onions flat and place a frozen patty on each pile.
  8. Salt each patty.
  9. Cook each patty for 4-6 minutes, steam from the onions should cook each burger without having to flip it.
  10. Turn the bottom half of the bun onto the patty.
  11. Hold it down as you scoop a spatula under the onions, turn the sandwich over onto a plate Cut the American cheese into 2" portions and place on the onions and patty.
  12. Replace the top of the roll.
  13. Serve hot.

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