Colombian Arepas With Ham and Cheese

“A favorite in Colombia these hot,toasted cakes of soft corn that are slightly sweet and salty! You will need a Cast Iron Skillet OR Flat-Top grill!”

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  1. Making the Arepas:.
  2. I a large bowl combine masa with cheese,baking soda and salt. Slowly pour the warm water in and stir well. Using your hands,knead until smooth dough forms. Form into 6 even balls,flatten into circles, about 4 inches in diameter.In a cast iron skillet or flat top grill, melt half of the butter on medium heat.
  3. Working in batches,if necessary,cook Arepas until golden brown, about 3 minutes.Add remaining butter,turn Arepas and cook 2-3 minutes until golden. Set aside.
  4. Making the Sandwich:.
  5. Slice the arepas in half horizontally. Layer on the ham,cheese and tomato, season with salt and pepper. Top fixings with remaining Arepas halves. Heat half the butterin a skillet or flat top grill. Cook Arepas in batches,about 3 minutes, until golden. Add remaining butter,turn,cover and cook 2-3 minutes until cheese is melted and Arepasare golden. Serve with Salsa on the side.

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