“One of the basic French recipes: if you make it, try to get the ingredients together as set out here. Truffle ...?? Okay, we all know that you have to be pretty well connected to get that, so it's definitely optional! Maybe no-one will use this recipe, but surely Zaar's database needs this one! Ideal for a starter, or to serve with salad as lunch. Don't forget the wine ...”
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  1. Oven: 325 deg C/160 deg F.
  2. Line a pate mold or a small bread tin (bread tin is easiest to use) with with the bacon strips, then sprinkle with a little brandy.
  3. In a processor, mince the cleaned (membranes removed) calf and pork livers with the eggs, cream, lemon juice, garlic, pepper and salt.
  4. Do not process too finely. Add the brandy.
  5. Half-fill the lined mold with this mixture, and chop the chicken livers coarsely.
  6. Place the chicken livers (and truffle if you have it!) in a row down the centre. Season with salt and pepper.
  7. Cover with rest of processed pate, then fold bacon which line the tin (if any strips are hanging over the sides) over the filling. If not, take extra bacon and cover top of pate.
  8. Cover with foil, then stand the mold in a pan with water halfway up sides, and bake in the preheated oven for 2 hours.
  9. Remove and cool. Put a weight on top to press down firmly.
  10. Chill overnight in refrigerator. Turn out of mold before serving, and garnish to taste.
  11. (I find that the average building brick, well scrubbed and covered in a double piece of foil, is a great weight to use when using a bread tin).

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