“I am constantly trying to find ways to make egg's taste less like eggs, since I have a very picky 7 year old eater who despises eggs. This recipe is very easy and uses things that I always have on hand so that's very important to me. My 'non-egg eater' even ate them!”

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  1. Put Smart Balance in a small saute pan on medium heat to melt.
  2. Put eggs, Parmesan, half-and-half, salt, pepper, chives, parsley and liquid butter into a blender (I use my magic bullet) or you can use a mixer, and mix shortly just until well blended (if you blend too long it will get foamy).
  3. Pour mixture into your pan with the melted butter and start whisking with a rubber whisk. Whisk constantly or the eggs will start to stick to the pan and you will not get the same taste.
  4. When the eggs are starting to get thicker add the shredded cheese and continue whisking until mixture is well cooked (you don't want them totally dry, just a bit moist).
  5. Take out of pan and serve while still warm.

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