“I always wanted to make my own BBQ sauce so I tinkered with it and came up with this recipe.”

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  1. Put a pot on the stove and put it over a low heat. Slowly add the ingredients in order that I listed except the French's mustard. Allow the sauce to heat evenly in the pot and stir very well before taste.
  2. Different brands of ingredients have different taste so try to avoid generic. If the sauce is too sweet for your taste you can cut the sweetness with French's mustard, soy sauce, and liquid smoke.
  3. If the sauce is not sweet enough you can add molases or brown sugar. BE CAREFUL! A lot goes a long way. So add a little, stir well, and retaste. Please do not burn your tongue. If you have killed your taste buds tasting it is always wise to bring someone else in to taste to make sure you are doing well.
  4. This is a great sauce and will stay good in your fridge for months and months. If you and your family don't eat it all up first.

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