“Want something more than just a glaze on your baked Christmas ham? Here 'tis! You can remove the rind from the ham and score the fat up to 1 week before, just recover with the rind or store in a ham bag (soaked in water & vinegar) in the coolest part of the fridge. You can also cook the ham 1-2 days early if you want to serve it cold, or even on Christmas morning if you can't fit your other meat and veggies in the oven at the same time. From Woolworths fresh mag, Dec '07 NB Aust measurements, 1 tlb = 20ml, 1 cup = 250ml”
1hr 25mins

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  1. Place oven shelf in lowest position of oven. Preheat oven to 160C (320F). Line a large roasting pan with baking paper.
  2. Gently run your thumbs between the rind and fat of the ham to remove the rind. Leave the shank covered with rind and cut off the remainder (a zig-zag pattern looks nice). Score the fat in a diamond pattern with sharp knife, with cuts no more than 5mm deep. Place ham into prepared roasting pan.
  3. Whisk marmalade, sugar, mustard and egg yolk in a bowl until smooth, and brush liberally over surface of ham.
  4. Add nuts to remaining marmalade mixture and stir to coat. Spoon nut mixture onto upper side of ham and press on firmly.
  5. Cook ham for 1 hour. To brown evenly, rotate ham every 15 minutes. Cover loosely with foil and let ham rest for 10 minutes before slicing.
  6. To carve ham so everyone gets some crust: near the shank, make a vertical cut down to the bone. Then make another cut, starting 1-2cm (.5-1 inch) away and angling back to the first cut and remove the resulting wedge of ham. Now make several thin parallel slices down to the bone, then cut along the bone underneath the slices to remove.

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