Easy Snack Ideas

How to Make Fruit Leather

Tips for turning fruit into a wholesome treat.

15 Nut-Free Treats

Tasty recipes your kids can safely pack for lunch.

Cheesy Barbecue Popcorn

Chili, garlic and parmesan add a welcome kick.

-Chef Edlear



These peanut butter-filled apples are a great take-along treat to enjoy when going on a walk or taking a road trip.

Walking Apples

5-Ingredient Snacks to Make After School

Fend off homework-related hunger pangs.

Strawberry Crisp for Two

An easy-to-execute streusel-topped stunner.


Bagel Chips

Infuse these chips with the flavor of your choice.

-woodland hues



I made these for a birthday party and they were a hit! Spreading the dough with honey mustard adds even more baked-in flavor.

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels